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March 2017


Marketing fad or trend — what is personal branding?

The marketing phrase of the year just might be “personal brand.” And you might be saying, “Ugh, really? Is this another millennial me-me tactic?” While personal branding isn’t a new concept, lately it’s hittin’ the scene like Britney did in 1999.

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5 key components to monetize your data

Having masses of information is of little value unless it is leveraged to give the company a competitive edge. Below are five key steps leaders should take to monetize their company’s data assets.

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Former private sector insurance CEOs agree self-funding bad for Wisconsin

For more than three decades, the health insurance program for Wisconsin state employees has been called a model for other states, using free-market competition to deliver extraordinarily high-quality care and, importantly, contain costs for taxpayers.

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Who is Neil Gorsuch?

What does he value? What impact would he likely have on an already divided Supreme Court? What kind of replacement would he be for Scalia, who was one of the most outspoken justices in recent history?

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Millennials — use their talents for good, not evil

An article I wrote a couple of months ago praising millennials — those born between 1982 and 1997 — for their energy and strategic thinking raised some hackles amongst their parents’ generation.

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Culture is a four-letter word

When I started to write this article I originally titled it “Culture is not a four-letter word.” It was intended to address the CEOs who think culture is a squishy, beer for lunch, feel good concept that doesn’t deserve a place at the grown-up table.

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How making mistakes helps your business grow quickly

As leaders, owners, and entrepreneurs, we hate to admit when we’re wrong.

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Segmentation is killing your brand: Five reasons to find your unicorn customer

How does a company build itself into a brand that people can fall deeply, madly in love with?

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Competitive advantages of hiring a diverse team

It’s natural to gravitate toward people who think the way you do, who you share things in common with, and who come from a similar background.

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Governor Walker’s 2017–19 budget: Now is the time to invest in our state’s future

As former classroom instructors, education administrators, and school board officials, we know how important it is to invest in the children of this great state.

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