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Mar 1, 201612:50 AMOpen Mic

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Embrace being #2: Six ways to handle rejection

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In the 2008 Olympics, Michael Phelps won the gold medal in the Men’s 100M Butterfly, beating out Milorad Cavic by a mere .01 second. Literally, in 1/30th of the time it takes to blink, Phelps’s dreams were realized and Cavic’s dreams were dashed.

Over the course of a salesperson’s lifetime, it’s inevitable that you will face this same struggle. You will be told no, be rebuffed, and even be harshly rejected due to the difference between you and your competitor over what may seem to be a minor or even trivial difference.

The difference is that Cavic at least won the silver medal and has something to place on his mantle for future generations of Cavic family members to view with awe and admiration. In your struggle to win sales, when you earn second place, you get nothing, nada, the big goose egg, and it’s possible that once that client is locked up with your competing vendor, they may never relinquish that relationship and it may never come up for bid again.

So, how do you avoid this harsh reality and always finish first? The truth is, you can’t.

It’s time to build what our colleague, Kendall Colman, calls your “rejection muscle,” because it’s going to happen. In fact, in the sales world you will likely find that you will be told “no” way more often than not. Even if you have a relatively high closing ratio of 20%–30%, this means that you are being told “NO” 70%–80% of the time.


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