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March 2014


There are limits to what employees can say through social media

Guidance published by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) in recent years has, at times, had employers wondering if there was anything employees could do on social media that wasn’t protected by the National Labor Relations Act (NRLA). It’s becoming more and more clear that while employees who participate in protected concerted activity under the NLRA may do so on social media, plenty of activity doesn’t fall under that category.

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Be aware of conflicts of interest when planning your retirement

A recent Wall Street Journal article from Jason Zweig, “Who Is Training Your Retirement Navigator,” points out a startling example of the conflicts of interest that exist in the world of retirement planning. Employees are particular targets at retirement age because of the potential money to be made on retirement account rollovers.

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What business leaders need to know about cloud technology

You’ve probably heard a lot about consumer cloud services these days, as Apple, Amazon, Google, and others battle for preeminence in online services for your smartphone or personal computer. But what about businesses? Should executives and IT directors be “transitioning to the cloud”? If so, what does that really mean?

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Buying or refinancing? New mortgage regulations might affect you

New rules from the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFBP) went into effect on Jan. 10. These regulations are reshaping the key aspects of the mortgage application process — and potentially the mortgage industry itself. The new rules will create wrinkles for some people seeking a new mortgage, either for a purchase or refinance.

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How to create a positive workplace culture

Creating a positive workplace culture is extremely important to cultivating a productive and profitable company. When the environment we work in is positive, we become more engaged and committed employees. By definition, workplace culture is a pattern of behaviors that are supported by a management system over time. Harnessing the power of positive reinforcement is the quickest and most efficient way to a better workplace culture.

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