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Jun 25, 201808:22 PMOpen Mic

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How to inspire your employees to become intrapreneurs

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Employee satisfaction, stagnation, and productivity woes can eat away at a business. Fortunately for business owners, the intrapreneurial mindset can save any struggling team by creating a culture of celebration and innovation. But what the heck is intrapreneurship anyway?

Intrapreneurship isn’t a “woo-woo” employee empowerment fad. It’s a culture you can build in your business to see real results. Unlike entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs are employed at a business, but they bring many entrepreneurial qualities to their work. These employees assert themselves and foster innovation within the company, leading to better, profitable outcomes.

Why intrapreneurship?

Nobody wants complacent, unhappy workers. Intrapreneurs contribute immensely to the success of your business, all while feeling productive and happy at work.

Intrapreneurs benefit your business because:

  1. Intrapreneurs take risks — They aren’t going to sit back in their chair and stay quiet if they see a problem. They have the grit and determination to stick it out and find a solution.
  2. Intrapreneurs are insanely productive — It stands to reason that a happy, engaged employee is going to check more items off her to-do list.
  3. Intrapreneurs innovate — Business is all about innovation. Like their entrepreneurial cousins, intrapreneurs look for solutions. They always look for ways to increase efficiency and speed, even if it means more risk or work.

Sounds great, right? Intrapreneurs truly are the foundation of successful businesses, but too often businesses aren’t sure how to encourage an intrapreneurial mindset.

How to build intrapreneurs in your business

You want employees to feel satisfied and productive at work, but sometimes it’s tough finding the right ways to motivate your workforce. To some businesses, money is a motivator. However, research shows that money is only a short-term fix for motivation woes.

The right approach is to build an intrapreneurial culture for increased employee motivation and satisfaction. This differs depending on your company’s climate, but it can involve everything from one-on-ones to public recognition.


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