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June 2017


Millennials, generations, and how we work

There is still a lot of buzz surrounding the Simon Sinek millennial conversation from a few months back, and most of us can agree with his points.

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Overtime rule remains a concern to business leaders

Former Wage and Hour administrator doesn’t see resolution until next year.

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Millennials: Plan for retirement now or pay the price later

Millennials are a stressed out generation.

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Protecting against ransomware requires up-to-date operating systems

Across essentially all industries, business would grind to a halt if data on products, customers, vendors, and business processes became unavailable.

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Want to produce your best work? Protect your power cycle

Creativity is such an elusive thing. But if you have to “be creative” as a fundamental part of your every-day-of-the -week job, and you’re paying attention to the periods when you’re most productive (or completely unproductive), you’re sure to have noticed a few things about the way you work.

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