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Jun 7, 201610:43 AMOpen Mic

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7 signs you have a bad LinkedIn profile picture

7 signs you have a bad LinkedIn profile picture

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Your LinkedIn profile picture is no exception. As much as people try not to be judgmental, it’s hard not to draw conclusions in a place like LinkedIn, where the expectation is that people are showing the very best of themselves in the hopes of advancing their career.

Here are some examples of how people get their LinkedIn profile pictures horribly wrong:

1. You use a repurposed picture

This is a common mistake. You don’t have a great “business looking” photo so you use one from a graduation, wedding, prom, or a screenshot of yourself in a photo that you like. None of these should be your LinkedIn profile picture. It shows that you don’t have the time to take a real headshot.

Assumption: If you don’t care about your headshot quality, maybe you’re just phoning in your career.

2. You’re eternally young

Unless you're Keanu Reeves, that picture of you from the ’90s isn’t what you look like anymore. If your headshot is more than five years old, get a new one.  

Assumption: You’re in denial about the fact that you’re older now. If you can’t accept this, what other realities can’t you accept?

Note: If you are eternally ageless, then at least grow a beard now and then so the rest of us don’t feel so bad.

3. Your outfit has its own agenda

Sweatpants, a hoodie, that sexy dress, scuba gear — they all have a time and place, but unless your work directly requires this kind of attire LinkedIn isn’t the best place to wear it.

Assumption: You enjoy special privilege. Having fun or being really comfortable is more important to you than dressing like everyone else at work. 

4. You’re clearly somewhere else

Like your outfit, the background location in your photo shouldn’t be sending the wrong signals. A hotel room, the swimming pool, the beach, a raging party — unless that’s where you actually work, these locations shouldn’t be in the background of your LinkedIn picture.

Assumption: You’d rather be anywhere than at the office, even when you’re supposed to be at the office.


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