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Jun 25, 201501:31 PMOpen Mic

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How to use Google Voice to create website content

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Here’s the most common excuse I hear when it comes to creating content for your website — “I don't have the time.” Let’s say that’s true. Let’s pretend that you’re so overwhelmed with stuff that you can’t find the 45 minutes to write your first article. Do you have three minutes available? Do you or a coworker interact with customers or prospective customers on a regular basis? Great! Then you can use Google Voice to create website content.

Three common excuses why you’re not creating website content

For purposes of this article, let’s say your website content will mostly be written. After all, if you’re not writing blog posts, you’re probably not creating videos, podcasts, eBooks, or whitepapers, right? I mentioned the most common excuse why people aren’t creating content (not having time). Actually, there are three other common concerns I hear:

  1. “I don't know what to write.”
  2. “I don’t like to write.”
  3. “I’m not good at writing.”

Fair enough. I have one question for you — are you good at talking? In other words, if you’re meeting with a customer or potential customer, do you have the ability to speak to that person? Excellent! Then we don’t have those excuses to lean on anymore.

Why and how to get a Google Voice account to create website content

Why do we want to use a Google Voice account?

  1. It’s a free service.
  2. It will transcribe your voicemails.
  3. It will be an unlimited (within reason) repository of content for your articles.

If you don’t have a Google account, get one of those first. Then, follow this Step-by-step guide to a Google Voice account (with pictures) to get a free Google Voice number. (Hint: Get one with your main office area code so when you call the number from your land line it’s not long-distance. Can you believe there are still long-distance charges?) If there aren’t any within your area code available, you can just call the number from your cell phone instead.


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