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June 2015


The time to change is now for this Get Fit contestant

I want to start off by saying how thankful I am for this opportunity. It’s not only something I really wanted, but also something that was truly needed. I’ve been overweight my entire life. I’ve taken part in every fad diet under the sun as well as other tried and true methods, such as Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig. I was always seeking the quick way out, but after a few weeks I’d get sick of the program, have a craving for something I wasn’t allowed to eat, or I wouldn’t see the scale move and I’d just throw in the towel.

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Competition is paying off for Get Fit challenger

Entering the Get Fit Challenge was never about the challenge or getting fit, it was about growing the relationship between the different members of our organization. As the marketing manager, it’s my goal to build relationships both internally and externally. Fortunately, this competition has allowed Applied Tech to accomplish both! Little did I know that I would catch the fitness bug and completely change my way of life.

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What’s the effect of Greek debt on world markets?

Policymakers were front and center in last week’s news flow, with negotiations continuing in Europe over the debt crisis in Greece, and the June Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting discussing when interest rate policy might change in the United States.

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How to use Google Voice to create website content

Here’s the most common excuse I hear when it comes to creating content for your website — “I don't have the time.” Let’s say that’s true. Let’s pretend that you’re so overwhelmed with stuff that you can’t find the 45 minutes to write your first article. Do you have three minutes available? Do you or a coworker interact with customers or prospective customers on a regular basis? Great! Then you can use Google Voice to create website content.

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Finding motivation to Get Fit isn't easy

Not being happy with how I felt physically and emotionally, or how I looked, has been a longstanding struggle within.

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Consumer economic recovery on the horizon?

U.S. economic data suggests a consumer recovery coming out of weak first quarter economic data. May retail sales grew 1.2%, but only 1% excluding strong auto sales. Confidence among consumers and small businesses is improving.

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Secret to ‘Get Fit’ is diving in with both feet

Now that I’m well into the Get Fit Challenge, I’m happy to say I’m very excited! I have to admit, the day I got the email telling me my application was accepted, I hyperventilated. There was pacing, cursing, and a general “WHAT HAVE I DONE?!” attitude.

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Conquering that negative voice and getting fit

If you’re reading this blog for examples of days at the gym, sweat expended, and weight lost, you may come away disappointed. My hope in writing this will be to admit that I start … I fail. I start again … I fail again. There are always reasons. Good reasons. But the rationalization of failure is one of the most insidious prospectors, mining the bedrock of my self-esteem. I will speak only for myself, though many of you may hear your own voice in my words.

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All about finding “new normal” for Get Fit contestant

I’ve always been active, whether riding my bike through the countryside where I grew up, playing sports in school, or running post-college. However, whenever time was short and the stakes were high, fitness was always the first thing to fly out the window.

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U.S. economy poised for 2Q rebound?

The U.S. jobs market continued to rebound from the swoon in March. May non-farm payrolls grew by 280,000 jobs and prior months were revised higher by 32,000 jobs. While the unemployment rate rose to 5.5%, a positive for sentiment could be observed in the rise in labor force participation to 62.9%. Average hourly earnings grew 0.3% in May, bringing year-over-year growth to 2.3%, the highest level in five years.

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10 top prospecting and sales tools

The world of sales looks very different than it once did. No longer do we see men in suits pulling up to our homes in station wagons to sell us a new vacuum. Although this used to be an effective way to get product out the door, what worked in yesteryear doesn’t work anymore.

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‘Reality check’ prompts Great Wolf CEO to get fit

I have always been a fitness person, but it wasn’t until I had a recent health reality check that I realized I was no longer fit.

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What explains slow U.S. economic growth?

In the first quarter of 2015, U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) contracted for the second year in a row, falling 0.7% (annualized). One-time factors, such as winter storms, the West Coast ports strikes, and the collapse in oil investment, were likely the primary contributors to the softness.

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Get Fit contestant ready for a fresh start

I was selected to be a participant in the Get Fit Challenge at a turning point in my life. I had just started a brand new job in a position I had always dreamed of, finally got the courage to leave an unhealthy long-term relationship, and was taking time to focus solely on myself. It was time for me to stand still for a minute and re-evaluate my life, health, and goals.

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Mom Gets Fit for family, teammates

I’m a 36-year-old mother of two girls and I’ve been working at Hausmann-Johnson Insurance since 2006. I volunteered for the 2015 Get Fit Challenge because I needed an extra push to get in shape and get healthy. Every year I would tell myself I’m going to exercise and get in shape before summer and it never happens. Until now!

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