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June 2014


Get Fit challenger takes healthier approach to second fitness journey

I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life. I participated in sports growing up and have been an avid swimmer since I was a child. Yet I was always overweight. Blame it on family genetics and my love of delicious, bad-for-you food. But even overweight, I never felt bad about my body or my lot in the genetic pool — in fact, I was ridiculously confident.

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Why the BBB loves unhappy customers and you should too

At the Better Business Bureau, we talk, online chat, email, and write to many unhappy customers every day. Our customer information specialists and trade practice consultants work hard to calm nerves, put problems in perspective, and get customers and businesses working on a resolution.

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Market and economic update: The Fed announces its next round of tapering

The attention of investors last week was focused on Federal Reserve policy and the evolving conflict in Iraq and Ukraine. The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting concluded with an announcement of another $10 billion in tapering of bond purchases. Given the comments made by Janet Yellen at the press conference, the market seemed to believe she was leaning toward a dovish monetary policy.

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Shake hands or hug it out? Embracing awkward moments in business greetings

Today’s professional conundrum is brought to you by the Proper Greeting and its subsidiary Proper Greeting Confusion. If you have participated in networking events or business meetings over the years, you have inevitably faced the Confusion. For example: A group of men meet, shake hands, maybe slap each other’s backs, and occasionally engage in an ill-advised fist bump (unless you are in a frat, driving a car with a pink mustache, or under the age of 24, just don’t). Add a woman to the mix and Proper Greeting Confusion ensues, particularly when the participants are somewhat familiar with each other.

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Get Fit contestant Gunter enjoying his fitness ride

Competition can bring out the best in a person. People in business hear this mantra drilled into them all the time. Just think of all the sports phrases that have worked their way into the business lexicon ...

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Fleet Feet Get Fit team is fast out of the gate

June 17, 5 a.m. Fitness challenge day 123. I am lying in bed after a night of thunderstorm warnings and tornado sirens, contemplating the possibility of getting in my weekly bike ride.

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Market and economic update: Data calm, geopolitics uneasy

Last week saw further increases in geopolitical risks. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) began military operations in Iraq, appealing to Sunni militants in an effort to undermine the Shiite-led government of Prime Minister Maliki and carve out a new Sunni state. Shiite militia and government troops are mobilizing to confront the threat, while Kurdish militia in Iraqi Kurdistan have taken control of Kirkuk, site of oil infrastructure and 15% of Iraq’s petroleum supplies.

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Gilda’s Club’s exec director embraces change through fitness

In my career, I have a history of embracing change. I am often energized and excited when new program opportunities and resources come down the pike. However, in my personal life, I have spent a great deal of time striving to accept myself as I am in this moment. That makes a focus on personal change more challenging for me than change in my professional world.

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Market and economic update: Long-term unemployment on the decline

The U.S. economy continued to emerge from the shadow of winter weather both in terms of national temperatures and evolving economic data. U.S. payroll employment (finally) exceeded its prior peak, set in 2008.

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Should companies control employee use of LinkedIn?

After I gave a talk about LinkedIn to a group of business owners in Madison, Eric Fritz, president of KEVA Sports, approached me. He wanted to help his employees create “KILLER” LinkedIn profiles, knowing that doing so would reflect favorably on the company, yet he did not want to become “Big Brother” by dictating what they wrote.

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Palmer Johnson powers its way to better health

My name is Ben Schwarz, I am 25 years old, and I’ve been working with Palmer Johnson Power Systems since 2008. When I first heard about the Get Fit Challenge, I was interested right away. Like everyone else, I tend to get caught up in life and find it difficult to take care of my body. Five years ago I was 30 pounds lighter and had more energy.

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VAT returns to being a consumption tax

The recent introduction of B2C 2015 EU VAT (value added tax) rules will flip the e-commerce world on its head and bring compliance into sharp focus for merchants. The European Commission has placed compliance — and its enforcement — at the top of its to-do list. The commission can’t let a situation develop whereby the EU loses nearly €200 billion in VAT receipts in one year: This actually happened in 2011.

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Market and economic update: Improving consumer confidence and consistently low initial jobless claims

The market’s attention is likely to be focused on this week’s economic data releases, especially May’s employment report. This data may help answer questions regarding the health of the U.S. economy.

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Drake’s Get Fit team aims to prevent the inevitable backslide

Anyone who has tried to lose weight — whether it’s five pounds or 50 — has been through it. Yep, you guessed it — the inevitable backslide. When our Drake & Co. team met with the other participants in the In Business Get Fit Challenge in mid-March, we were excited to get started. We walked out of the meeting at Meriter with our awesome lunchbox kits from 5Nines, ready to get started with the challenge.

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Three Pillars builds strong fitness foundation

It seems that a common theme for many of the IB Get Fit Challenge participants’ initial blogs has been the question of WHY they decided to participate — in other words, what was the motivation?

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