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July 2017


What alt-rock icons Weezer have to say about cyber security risk

If you want to destroy my sweater, hold this thread as I walk away. So goes the Weezer song.

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Cyber advice to business leaders: Data security is critical to your success

Backing up and protecting data must be a priority to keep your business operational amid disruption.

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My 'check engine' light is on … Is that important?

As silly as it seems, sometimes we ignore the obvious warning signals in our lives.

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7 investment fundamentals to help you make smart decisions

Staying informed in today’s market sometimes feels like attending a three-ring circus.

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Trust — why it’s important in business relationships and 3 ways to build it

Presenting new business ideas, selling my expertise, and navigating corporate hierarchies have all put me positions of asking other people to put their trust in me before they’d even truly had a chance to get to know me.

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