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July 2015


Urge to run propels Get Fit team

Greetings from Team CP! These first few months have found us in a flurry of activity, both in our professional work and in our personal fitness goals!

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Jobless claims reach four-decade low

Weekly initial jobless claims reached the lowest reading since 1973, and the index of leading economic indicators grew 2% in the second quarter, accelerating from just 0.2% growth in the first quarter.

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M&A negotiations don't end at purchase price

Purchase price is certainly the most important term when selling a company, and it is always one of the defined terms in a letter of intent, but there are many other important terms that sellers need to be aware of and negotiate carefully.

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Understanding the types of SBA loans

Although there are many private sector lending options, SBA loans are especially good for the types of businesses in our region. However, many business owners don’t realize there are SBA options beyond the 7(a) program.

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Surgical recovery fuels fire to Get Fit

For us Connections Counseling folks, it’s been a challenge to keep Get Fit in mind. It’s summer, which is filled with lots of vacations, and as mental health and substance abuse counselors we work fairly independently.

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Pushing past the weight-loss plateau

Weight loss plateaus are not much fun. That is my thought for this week.

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“F” is for feedback: Understanding the BBB rating system

For a company with an “F” rating, the BBB rating system may feel like a thorn. However, understanding that an “F” represents valuable “feedback” for improving your relationships with customers can put your company on a journey toward success.

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Individual work pays off for team

Here at the Koss Agency we started off with a team approach to losing weight and being healthier. It worked right out of the gate but has transformed over the last few weeks into a more individualized effort.

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Starting and stopping and starting again

If you’re reading this blog for examples of days at the gym, sweat expended, and weight lost, you may come away disappointed. My hope in writing this will be to admit, I start … I fail. I start again … I fail again. There are always reasons. Good reasons. But the rationalization of failure is one of the most insidious prospectors, mining the bedrock of my self-esteem. I will speak only for myself, though many of you may hear your own voice in my words.

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Why Q2 growth could be solid (but not spectacular)

Markets kept one wary eye on Greece and China this week, but both these issues seem to have receded to the background for market trends. Instead, economic data moved back to the forefront and provided further support to the market.

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Getting thin is a lot harder than getting fat

Before we get into my new routine, let’s start with some background on how my journey to getting fat happened.

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Learning to define health and wellness goals

I have been struggling with my weight for as far back as I can remember, dating back to around 8th grade. Although I was never extremely overweight, I have always had insecurities and have looked for ways to improve my body image.

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Talking international economies and the Fed

Economic data was light last week, but political discussions remained at the forefront of market-moving news. Greek debt, Chinese stock markets, and Federal Reserve (Fed) meeting minutes created some modest market volatility, but did not alter our view on the global economy.

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Get Fit experience best when shared

Getting fit and staying fit. It’s not complicated, yet it’s far from easy — and it’s best when done as a group. This has been our takeaway from this year’s IB Get Fit Challenge.

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Confronting temptation

Staying motivated on this journey to better fitness and wellbeing has not been a smooth path for me. It is filled with ups and downs, twists and turns. When I look at my family I am instantly motivated, as I want to do everything I can to be there for them, both now and in the future. I know that taking care of myself is the first and most important step in ensuring that I will be there for them when they need me. However, life sometimes gets in the way.

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What's driving world markets?

Politics remained the key driver of markets last week. Greek voters on Sunday voted “no” on a referendum on the last Eurogroup bailout proposal, China central bankers continued to ease policies to support the domestic stock market, and after much rhetoric regarding its debt load, Puerto Rico made a last minute payment.

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Teamwork pays off for Tingalls Get Fit challengers

The team at Tingalls Graphic Design is always up for a challenge — but it’s usually a creative challenge. To be honest, when the Get Fit Challenge was presented, we all thought, “Well, maybe …” But a few weeks into it, we’re shaping up, firming up, and proving our determination. Make no mistake — the sacrifices have been great — diet changes and daily, relentless exercise were necessary to get into the swing of things. We took a quick poll of the Tingalls Graphic Design team and here’s what they said about the challenge’s most difficult — and easiest — parts so far.

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Life won't get in this Get Fit contestant's way

When I applied to be part of the Get Fit Challenge, my schedule looked pretty clear for 2015 and I felt confident that I would be able to devote a significant amount of time and effort to improving my health. By the time I was selected for the program things had changed, to the point where I questioned my ability to participate. One significant event that arose was the decision to move out of our home of the past 21 years. No small undertaking.

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Economic envy

The University of Minnesota Golden Gophers haven't won Paul Bunyan's Axe from the University of Wisconsin Badgers in a decade. Meanwhile, the Green Bay Packers have gone 9-1-1 versus the Minnesota Vikings since 2010.

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