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January 2020


The 5G 'space race' is already underway

Today, 5G (fifth-generation) technology is set for its rollout phase. Or so we’re being told.

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Gold vs. Bitcoin: Which is better to protect investors from financial crises?

​There is still a great debate about which is the best asset to protect investors in difficult times: cryptocurrencies or gold.

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6 changes you should make in how you think about money

If you are really serious about taking control of your financial situation in the coming years, start by examining your relationship with money.

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Is America’s corporate culture in the dark ages?

American work habits can seem downright oppressive when viewed from afar.

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How attacks by Trump and Congressional Republicans have had a chilling effect on whistleblowing

​I am an employment law attorney, not a political strategist or commentator. However, the current presidency is notable for its effect on workplace law. Only a few other modern presidents can say they’ve had a significant effect on the everyday worker in such a short amount of time. Some of these effects have been positive; others, not so much.

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Tips for women who have their sights set on the C-suite

Without question, statistics show that greater diversity within an organization drives better performance and more innovation.

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