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January 2017


How will employers have to respond to Trump’s Muslim ban?

With the start of a new workweek, how do companies and human resources staffs need to respond to the impact of this executive order?

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Making sense of Trump’s first executive orders on immigration

The first, entitled, “Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements,” sets new priorities for the enforcement of immigration laws and the removal of immigrants from the United States.

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7 myths busted about investing in women entrepreneurs

For most venture capitalists, the bottom line is always to make profit and grow the business. However, these are not always the reasons why investors fund women entrepreneurs. Investors finance women entrepreneurs for the wrong reasons when their focus shifts from the business to something else.

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How to find your business brand

Having a brand is like forming that formidable bond between granny and granddaughter. That unbreakable safety, adoration, and love. If you can win your customers over like a grandma wins her grandkids, you are in serious business.

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4 marketing pillars to build a business as strong as the Parthenon

Every business should be built upon the same principle, using a plethora of marketing pillars to uphold the pressure of its success, and together produce significant results.

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4 easy, affordable online platforms for managing employees

Human resources should be better, easier, and simpler — and they can be.

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Wind, solar energy ready for prime time in Wisconsin and beyond

It is important for readers to understand that Mr. Winegarden’s views on wind, solar, and nuclear power production are not representative of what we’re seeing in the marketplace today in Wisconsin or throughout the country.

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