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Jan 17, 201709:30 AMOpen Mic

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4 easy, affordable online platforms for managing employees

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Human resources should be better, easier, and simpler — and they can be. Not only are many of the platforms listed below affordable, but they also are completely cloud-based. If you have Wi-Fi, you can access your HR platform from anywhere.


Employee onboarding, tracking, and payroll for small businesses

bambooHR is all about supporting HR managers in their daily tasks, from paying employees and filing the appropriate taxes to onboarding and tracking the training of new team members. It offers a wide variety of integrations.

Pricing is available through a custom quote.


Employee management, payroll, benefits, and PTO for small to medium-sized businesses

With backers like the Wall Street Journal and Forbes, Gusto has a lot of social credibility behind it. It offers anything your HR manager might need, from automated I-9s and W-4s to employee enrollment in health benefits, including compliance with the Affordable Care Act and Employee Retirement Income Security Act.

Gusto also integrates with your accounting software, preventing your HR person from having to re-enter any payroll information.

Pricing is available through a custom quote.


Time tracking, payroll, and supervision for remote employees

Hubstaff eases the concerns many employers have about hiring virtual employees. Fears about employee productivity, integrity, honesty, and hours actually worked vs. hours reported become non-issues with this platform.

Hubstaff takes screenshots while your employees are working and reports these activity levels to you. It will also tell you how long they’ve been working on certain projects, how active they are at this very moment, and what project they are working on in real time.

While this level of monitoring and tracking might seem invasive, some employers prefer it when they are first venturing into the world of remote hiring or have suspicions that someone is taking advantage of their remote position.

Pricing starts at $5 per month and includes the ability to pay your team.


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