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Jan 21, 201611:38 AMOpen Mic

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We should all be rooting for women in technology

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There is plenty of data illuminating the positive effects regarding the growing share of women in the business world.

The fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in America is women, who are launching businesses at 1.5 times the national average. When you let women be themselves in corporate settings, good things happen, according to a report from the Harvard Business Review. Even Kevin O’Leary of Shark Tank fame says that of his 27 companies, only the ones with female CEOS make him money.

But I worry that similar progress in gender diversity isn’t being made in technology.

There’s at least one simple reason why women have proven to be a positive boost for business: we’re half the population — a tremendous floodgate of talent has opened in recent decades. And, yes, we tend to have a different take on things, which has proven valuable. For example, women are generally more sociable and tend to excel in a group dynamic that enables them to flourish, which helps others in the group.

Unfortunately, in an already male-dominated sector, gender distribution of STEM Bachelor’s degrees shows women falling behind.

A recent lawsuit exposed Silicon Valley and how challenging that environment can be for women, which is bad for business. Why? Women are the lead adopters of technology, according to Intel researcher Genevieve Bell, and Dow Jones found that successful startups have more women in senior positions than unsuccessful ones.

Again, we’re half the population and we have plenty to offer the tech field. We’re good for a tech team’s culture and for tech users.


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