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January 2016


Let’s take the mystery out of training millennials

“What are the most effective ways to train millennials?” is probably the question that training professionals hear more often than any other today.

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Economic growth to remain slow but positive

Fears of financial crisis and contagion continue to be juxtaposed in markets, with hope of more stimulus from global central banks. Economic data has been of little help to alleviate or confirm market fears.

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We should all be rooting for women in technology

There is plenty of data illuminating the positive effects regarding the growing share of women in the business world.

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The consumer is the major driver of the U.S. economy

The labor market and consumer confidence remain bright spots for the U.S. economy, but other economic indicators are raising market fears of a U.S. recession. The consumer remains the major driver of the U.S. economy and we believe their relative health is sufficient to avoid recession in the near term, particularly in concert with support from U.S. fiscal policy.

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Helping customers as they age

How many of us have witnessed a scenario like this: an elderly customer enters a bank or other business and seems just a bit confused or hesitant about why he or she is there and how to complete their intended transaction. Often, things work out, either on their own or with some gentle prompting by a perceptive employee. But that’s not always the case. As the U.S. population ages, elderly Americans are at an increasing risk of dementia and vulnerable to financial losses, abuse, or fraud.

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2016 begins weak but expected to stabilize

Soft global economic data and miscues by policymakers in China signaled lower stock markets around the world. Fears have risen that the global economy may start 2016 weaker than originally forecasted. While some data has been soft, in general the lift from lower commodity prices continued to contribute to easy monetary policies in Europe and Japan, and a strong U.S. labor market should lead to improving economic data.

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Economic data mixed entering 2016

While U.S. gross domestic product was up 2% in the third quarter of 2015, other data finished the year more mixed.

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Your emotional IQ matters — Here’s how to increase yours

Leadership development programs designed to increase emotional intelligence have matured during the last 15 years. So why haven’t we seen a big change in the way executives relate to one other? Despite reading books and articles, taking assessments, and attending seminars, leaders still lean toward old habits.

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401(k) plans — What happens with a merger or acquisition?

With a merger or acquisition, what happens to a corporate 401(k) or qualified retirement plan?

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