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Feb 5, 201901:00 PMOpen Mic

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‘Tidying Up’ your marketing for 2019

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4. Organize things so they can be seen

Kondo’s unique way of folding allows clothing to stand on end so that all items in a drawer can be seen individually, instead of stacked on top of one another.

So, too, should you have a comprehensive view of all your marketing efforts. An editorial or marketing calendar is a great way to see upcoming deadlines and share plans with internal teams and external partners.

Your marketing assets also need to be organized. An easy-to-navigate filing system like a Marketing Resource Center can help. End users should be able to find the items they need in a logical category within a few clicks or by using a search box.

5. Thank your discarded items

Kondo advises her followers to say “thank you” to each item before it is discarded. The psychology is that this makes it easier to let go of the item after you have recognized the service it provided to you.

Similarly, make sure you recognize the marketing activities that are being discontinued as you move forward. Maybe a piece of marketing material delivered a lot of value in the past, but after a collateral audit you found it to be underperforming or irrelevant now. Thank the piece for its service and then send it to the archives.

The major benefit seen from tidying up is that you can face your job and the future with a fresh and renewed sense of purpose.

Maeghan Nicholson is the marketing manager at Suttle-Straus.

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