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Feb 5, 201901:00 PMOpen Mic

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‘Tidying Up’ your marketing for 2019

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The start of a new year is a great reason to declutter and reorganize all aspects of your life, from your closet to your career. One of Netflix's hottest new shows is Tidying Up where Marie Kondo, the New York Times best-selling author of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, helps people part with their clutter and find joy in their belongings.

The same principles she uses to clean homes can also help you take a fresh look at your marketing efforts. Follow these steps to tidy up your marketing in 2019:

1. Commit yourself

Kondo says the act of tiding up has to take place in one shot. Dedicating the time and energy to go through everything and get your entire house in order will deliver better results than trying to do it in bits and pieces.

Similarly, you need to reserve some sacred time for yourself to review past performance, evaluate your marketing plan, and sort through your current assets. Trying to squeeze this effort in between meetings and as part of the daily grind will probably not be successful.

2. Pull everything out

Kondo starts her tidying efforts by focusing on clothing first and she says that you should gather all your clothes and put them in one huge pile. She shares that this “shock moment” where people see all their clothes piled together ultimately helps them get rid of more unwanted items.

When evaluating your marketing spend, put everything on the table. You need to see the whole picture when it comes to your campaigns and budget, so drag out your entire annual plan and analyze each category of spending in turn.

3. Determine which items spark joy

Kondo’s keep versus toss method is to take each item individually and see whether it sparks joy when you hold it. If it doesn’t, get rid of it. Her definition of “joy” can include many things, like something that is useful or necessary.

Your marketing items need to be measured to see if they are delivering value. Each activity or spend should bring something to your organization — website traffic, referrals, sales leads, media coverage, new hires, improved customer, or employee satisfaction scores, etc.

If a marketing tactic is not bringing “joy” to your company by delivering some sort of value, it’s time to take a hard look and possibly eliminate it as busywork.


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