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Feb 13, 201812:16 PMOpen Mic

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The importance of CRM in customer experience

We've all been there. A call into a customer service line and an automated voice appears. “Please enter your phone number. Do you know your account number? Please state what you are calling for.” After a hold, a person picks up the phone and asks you the same questions. “Oh, you're calling for (insert service/product here), that’s a different department. Let me transfer you.” Start the entire process over.

These types of interactions are common in a lot of industries and they’re incredibly frustrating for the customer, potentially driving their business elsewhere.

This is where a customer relationship management (CRM) system comes into play. Companies that understand the importance of developing meaningful and actionable steps from the data they’re collecting are better at providing a positive customer experience. The customer journey mapping that comes from the CRM dataset will reduce negative customer experiences, identify pain points along the customer journey, reduce siloes between departments, and help achieve larger business goals.

Here’s an example. Company A is collecting information on its customers, including how they do business with them, what products they have, how they interact with them, how often they interact, and by which channels they communicate. With this data, Company A is able to identify “personas” based off archetypes from the compiling data in the CRM. Once customers have been identified as a specific persona, the way we communicate with them, both from a marketing and customer-facing employee perspective, can be personalized and effective.

This customer journey approach puts human first. We’re now able to anticipate the needs of the customer, increase the number of products a customer uses, and improve the rate at which prospects are turned into customers all because the conversation — online and in person — is being approached in a smarter way.

Customer journey mapping through a CRM and coming away with successes is no easy task. It means putting the customer experience ahead of operational silos. Teams need to be more integrated, highly collaborative, and thinking about the customer from an end-to-end perspective.

Leslie Osman is vice president of marketing and communications for Park Bank.

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Feb 14, 2018 08:34 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

Excellent commentary and recommendations Leslie. I agree with you on all points. A good CRM, while utilized properly is an invaluable tool to any business that truly wants to put their customers first.

Thank you for sharing your expertise!

Steve Schoenberger
Director of Sales & Marketing
Paper Recovery Service Corporations

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