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Feb 2, 201711:41 AMOpen Mic

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Why context before concept matters in your marketing

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But for me, here’s the real winner:

And it happened more than once:

This context/concept fail is so epic it’s launched a flotilla of conspiracy theories on Reddit ( Did they not know this was going to happen? Did they do it on purpose? 

Having worked on alcoholic beverage accounts in the past, I cannot believe this was an ambient advertising campaign that passed corporate legal vetting. So it remains a fail, UNLESS Mike’s Hard Lemonade was really out to:

  1. Market exclusively to vandals
  2. Determined to drive non-vandals away from the brand.

Neither option is a good idea in my book.

These bad examples above aren’t just simple, garden-variety ad failures showing typos, blatant grammar mistakes, or unfortunate media placements. These exhibit context/concept malpractice of the highest (or lowest?) order. When done right (like the Apotek Hjärtat work) and context and concept are perfectly aligned, it’s impossible to tell which came first — and to me that’s the hallmark of a truly great rule of thumb.

D.P. Knudten is chief collaborator for COLLABORATOR creative.

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