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Feb 10, 201508:25 AMOpen Mic

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Will SEO actually help your business?

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Spend some time segmenting this set of customers and write down what problems of theirs you’ve fixed. These will be your most viable prospects, and the topics we discuss on your website will help attract their attention. Once we take the time to answer those questions, we now have permission to ask for their business. Remember, questions have a problem embedded within them. Think about these questions and the problems implied within them:

Question: What are the best foods to eat for losing weight?
Problem: I’m looking for a solution to a weight problem for myself or someone else.

Question: What alternatives are there to a shock collar?
Problem: I’m looking for a solution to a barking or misbehaving dog.

Question: What does it cost to set up an LLC?
Problem: I’m looking for solutions to protect my assets or to mitigate my business liability.

Let your visitor know what to do next

After answering his or her question, direct your visitor toward purchasing your products or services by proposing a solution to the underlying problem. If your website is simply an electronic brochure for your company — and not a teaching tool — this back-and-forth virtual discussion will not happen on your site, and the visitor will be at a dead end.

Are you paying someone to do SEO for your company now? Is this person explaining why it’s so important to consider what happens on your website AFTER a visitor actually clicks on it?

Spencer X. Smith is a Waunakee-based business consultant.

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Feb 12, 2015 05:43 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Many good points here. A related question: Should some enterprises worry about SEO at all? This paper broaches exactly that topic:

S. Barone
barodine marketing communications/research/design

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