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December 2017


How you pay bills — and receive payments — is changing fast for businesses

Most business owners and finance executives place careful attention to when company bills are paid. Increasingly, business owners are also focusing closely on how bills are paid.

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Teaching of personal finance in K–12 gets a boost from governor, legislature

When Governor Scott Walker signed Assembly Bill 280 on Nov. 30, more than 40 people crowded in behind him to be part of the official bill-signing photo.

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4 steps to hit the reset button with your team in 2018

The New Year brings with it the opportunity for change, growth, and renewal. What if we could start over with our teams, as well?

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Don’t forget lessons from business when selecting a financial advisor

Most business owners and executives have gone through some tough experiences when it comes to hiring key personnel. Lessons from those experiences should be applied in personal life, as well.

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Making a difference while making a profit

New Wisconsin statute allows "benefit corporations" to consider social impact of corporate actions

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Year-end, tax-smart investing tips

As 2017 draws to a close, it may be worth your time to explore a few year-end investment and financial moves that can potentially pay off for you when you file your taxes in April.

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8 key steps for successful management training

All too often an awesome employee is promoted to a management position and when they don’t do well we wonder why they failed at this when they were so good at their previous position.

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