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Dec 10, 201307:30 AMOpen Mic

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How to get ahead of OSHA’s new proposed safety regulation

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We can all remember the sinking feeling from high school when the teacher called out our mistakes in front of the entire class. Not only did it hurt knowing you screwed up, but you had the public humiliation to make it even worse. Get ready: It could be coming to your workplace!

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued a proposed rule in early November to improve workplace safety and health through improved tracking of workplace injuries and illnesses. The new rule would require employers to electronically submit their current record-keeping information to OSHA. Employers with more than 250 employees would be required to electronically submit their workplace injury data quarterly, and employers with more than 20 employees, in certain industries with high injury and illness rates, would be required to submit their summary of workplace injuries and illnesses to OSHA annually.

The long-term plan is to post the information collected from employers online, as encouraged by the Open Government Initiative. This online database would be publicly accessible, allowing:

  • You to quickly benchmark your company’s safety record to your competitors
  • Current and potential employees to gauge the safety consciousness of your company
  • Your clients, vendors, and suppliers to assess the quality of your operation
  • Government agencies and media outlets to have greater access to information about your company

While the new proposed rule does not increase the burden to document, it’s going to create additional pressure on your business to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses for fear of public humiliation through the posted results.


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