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Dec 2, 201310:45 AMOpen Mic

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5 leadership secrets you can’t ignore

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4. Find and finish. I pick an outcome in a space that I have influence over (current project, personal project, personal life) and finish it! It is important to me at this point to gain the feeling of achievement and credibility I get by successfully getting to a notable outcome. This is also the time to go after that one activity you have been procrastinating about. The best way to build your core back up is based on achievement and credibility.

5. Surround yourself with the right people. This is exactly the wrong time to hang around people who don’t understand your goals and vision. Unfortunately, many of those whom you consider close may fall into this category. It is best not to solicit any feedback from folks who say things like, “Well, it was always going to be tough to do that” or “This is why I didn’t try to do that — I could have if I wanted to,” or the best one of them all, “I told you so!” Understand that you don’t have to react to this unsolicited feedback. Practice the art of selective hearing! It is very important to seek support from a group of people who are positively inclined and are striving toward transformation just as you are.

Vinay Nadig is the author of Leadership IS for Everyone: 20 Leadership Secrets for Exceptional Outcomes and Fulfillment at Work. He has worked for more than 20 years as a consultant, entrepreneur, and business unit head in the manufacturing, health care, retail, technology, and airline sectors, consulting with several large Fortune 500 organizations. For more information, please visit and

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