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December 2013


How to get ahead of OSHA’s new proposed safety regulation

We can all remember the sinking feeling from high school when the teacher called out our mistakes in front of the entire class. Not only did it hurt knowing you screwed up, but you had the public humiliation to make it even worse. Get ready: It could be coming to your workplace!

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100-point market declines aren’t what they once were

At first glance, a 100-point drop in the Dow might look rather ominous. But is it? If you follow the movement of the financial markets, you have noticed what appears to be considerable fluctuation — in the form of triple-digit movements of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, one of the most widely watched market indices. Should you be concerned about these movements — especially when their direction is downward?

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How to avoid the hidden costs of scams

We’ve all been approached by scam artists at one time or another. Putting aside scams directed at businesses — including fake invoices, overpayment scams, and vanity awards — there are many, many ways scammers try to get money from unsuspecting consumers.

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How to accelerate the economic recovery

It looks like the U.S. economy grew somewhere between 2.5% and 
3% in 2013. That falls short of what most economists predicted for the year. But there is a silver lining: The economy grew despite wrongheaded federal policies that have hobbled the recovery. 

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5 leadership secrets you can’t ignore

I talk about 20 core leadership secrets in my executive coaching, speaking, and writing. But if someone asked me to name the ones that can make the most immediate impact, I would pick the practices I rely on for countering setbacks.

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