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August 2016


Turn stress from an enemy into a friend

It’s 10 a.m., and your to-do list hasn’t shrunk. In fact, you’ve only added to it since the emails and calls started rolling in. Make stress your friend? It’s the enemy you can’t escape!

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How to reduce racism, other unconscious biases: practice mindfulness

You’re walking into a business meeting. Going in, you know that you’ll be meeting with an executive and that person’s assistant but don’t know either one’s name or appearance. When you open the door and see a male and a female, what are your assumptions? Is your first reaction to assume that the male is the executive? What if one individual is white and the other a person of color?

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Benefit customers, clients by teaching what you know

Through my middle- and high-school years I had an awesome agriculture instructor and FFA advisor, fondly known as Mr. A. He had the unique ability to bring out the best in just about every student, particularly the most shy or seemingly outcast students.

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