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Apr 14, 201511:29 AMOpen Mic

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A step-by-step guide to writing your first ebook

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You should really write an ebook. “Yeah, right,” you might be thinking. “I’ll add that to my ever-growing list of stuff I need to do.” I definitely understand where you’re coming from. The idea of writing a book is both daunting and rather vague. Well, what if I showed you an easy step-by-step way to do it? And what if I shared the great results I got from my first ebook?

Why should you write an ebook?

Here’s the first reason: People will give you their email address to download your book. I’m not sure why, but I’m guessing it’s because there’s a certain value attached to a book, electronic or otherwise. I found that to be the case with my first ebook. At the end of each article I write for my website, there’s a call-to-action (CTA) of one form or another. Those CTAs used to be something specific to the topic. Once I started providing a link to the book instead, responses to these CTAs rose 1,100%. That’s not a typo — an 1,100% increase in reader engagement!

Once you have a person’s email, that’s the start of an ongoing relationship. You’ve earned permission to send communication to that person. Of course, we need to respect this fact by continually providing educational information. Make the mistake of sending only solicitations and you’ll end up worse than if you had never started that relationship in the first place. Once someone unsubscribes, it’s really difficult to get him or her back.


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