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April 2015


Economic Update: Looking for a rebound following 1Q weakness

U.S. manufacturing data remained soft last week, leading market pundits to question whether the economy is really going to rebound from first quarter weakness.

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Economic update: One-time events lead to soft 1Q growth

U.S. economic reports released last week indicate first quarter growth was soft, but this was likely the result of one-time events rather than pointing to a trajectory of weaker activity in coming quarters.

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Despite soft start to the year, 2015 should see continued growth

Global growth is likely to remain constrained in 2015. Monetary easing outside the United States will likely have a positive impact later in the year, but for now, debt deleveraging in Europe, Japan, and China will constrain potential growth.

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A step-by-step guide to writing your first ebook

You should really write an ebook. “Yeah, right,” you might be thinking. “I’ll add that to my ever-growing list of stuff I need to do.” I definitely understand where you’re coming from. The idea of writing a book is both daunting and rather vague. Well, what if I showed you an easy step-by-step way to do it? And what if I shared the great results I got from my first ebook?

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Market and economic update: Unemployment remains low despite lower-than-expected payroll gains

Softer-than-expected U.S. economic data have finally hit the employment market, as evidenced by the March nonfarm payrolls gaining only half of what the market expected. Payrolls grew by just 126,000 jobs and prior months saw downward revisions, with the primary decline being felt in the mining and logging sector, which also includes employees in the oil industry.

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Market and economic update: Stronger U.S. dollar drove imports in the fourth quarter

U.S. economic data continued its trend of negative surprises led by weaker-than-expected economic growth in the fourth quarter. However, overall data still remain consistent with solid economic growth in the range of 2% to 3%, rather than the robust rates of 4% to 5% experienced in the second and third quarters of 2014.

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