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Sep 1, 201510:06 AMMinority Biz Report

with Sam Owens

Building better businesses: Q&A with Gregory St. Fort

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If you’ve been around Madison’s startup scene within the past year, then you’ve probably already met Gregory St. Fort.

Since his arrival in Madison (by way of New York), Gregory has been a catalyzing force behind Greater Madison’s emergence as a reputable startup city.

We recently sat down with Gregory, to learn more about his entrepreneurial endeavors and his thoughts on business development.

MBR: Many of our readers recognize you as the executive director of 100state, but you’re also an entrepreneur. Tell us about your company. 

GSF: My position as the ED of 100state is part of the continuous process to build entrepreneurs in various communities. The company that I founded is LetsKeepBuilding (LKB). LetsKeepBuilding is a social marketing company that believes in building people, building products, and building communities. It started as a social media campaign and evolved into a marketing company and entrepreneur community. Our main service is product launches.

MBR: Does LetsKeepBuilding have a core audience or a target demographic? 

GSF: We have done events within communities that are majority black, white, Hispanic, etc. It’s all based on the location of the community we are marketing to.

MBR: Is there something unique about LetsKeepBuilding that you think particularly resonates with either young professionals or with entrepreneurs? 

GSF: The culture of our fans, supporters, and team members has always been about building your gifts, collaboration — and being sexy while doing it. I think we are sexier than other brands.


Sep 25, 2015 12:30 am
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