Minority Biz Report

with Sam Owens


Redesigning retail: Q&A with Taylar Barrington

Taylar Barrington, founder of MaverickHill, is the business mind behind one of the fastest-rising brands among Madison’s startups.

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Commerce and creative culture: Q&A with QuHarrison Terry

After one meeting with QuHarrison Terry, you are likely to walk away convinced that you are in the presence of a young man whose talents and business acumen are limitless.

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Building better businesses: Q&A with Gregory St. Fort

If you’ve been around Madison’s startup scene within the past year, then you’ve probably already met Gregory St. Fort.

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As you can probably imagine, when I first pitched the concept of Minority Biz Report to In Business magazine, my editors and I had to engage in some rather delicate negotiations about how to integrate my image and my ideas into their blog universe.

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Important truths about Madison's economic disparities

“What important truth[s] do very few people agree with you on?” Peter Thiel, cofounder of PayPal and author of the New York Times bestseller Zero to One, engineered this provocative interview question.

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