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Capitol’s partisan divide looks like a middle school dance

Much of the gridlock in Washington seems to be caused by adult versions of, “They started it!”

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Missing the point about Foxconn

The discussions over the past few weeks about Foxconn demonstrate the need for all of us to up our game because these conversations obscure Foxconn’s major impact behind talk about a factory.

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Betting against the house, only worse!

Most business leaders are more conservative than me. The best ones run tight ships and limit unreasonable risk in their operations. They make careful, incremental investments, and there’s always a “Plan B” should any of their initiatives come up short.

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New year means it's time to get back to work

Change is afoot and we need to be ready. We face three major issues — the body gap, an exponential change rate, and alignment around pragmatic actions. How we respond to these challenges will determine our destiny.

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Midterm election over, it's time for Wisconsin to get to work

I think we’re all happy the election is finally over. Hopefully, all of the rhetoric and animosity is behind us and we can focus on the future.

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