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Serious message from the East Coast — engage!

Many of you chide me about my connections to the Harvard Business School — most of time deservedly so.

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Get excited about cybersecurity — no, really!

Cybersecurity affects everyone. Engage around the subject and strengthen your business and personal capabilities.

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Field trip to a digital leader

New capabilities transcend and transform markets. Amazon, Uber, and Airbnb all transformed their markets. Other visionaries are going after yours.

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Linear people, exponential change

I had great fun last week keynoting the Additive Manufacturing Conference at the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE), partly because engineering is a bit of an alien profession to me.

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Mr. Brinkman and friends go to Washington!

Seeing the political process up close provides a unique perspective on what makes our republic work.

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Buckley Brinkman is executive director and CEO of the Wisconsin Center for Manufacturing & Productivity and writes about the manufacturing sector in Greater Madison and throughout Wisconsin. He has a breadth of experience in helping companies drive growth, world-class competitiveness, and performance excellence, and has led efforts to save dozens of operations in the U.S. by finding new ways for them to compete. A Wisconsin native, Brinkman holds a business degree from the University of Wisconsin and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.



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