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Unheeded warnings about cybercrime nearly result in financial ruin

You may remember several months ago I wrote one of my pieces about cybersecurity and talked about a businessman who wasn’t particularly worried about his computer systems. “I don’t have anything they would want,” he told me.

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An abundance mindset is part of our workforce problem

A thriving talent ecosystem demands tighter cooperation. In an era of abundance, companies could go it alone. Now, it’s critical to collaborate to build an ecosystem that develops our talent and keeps skills up to date — especially in an era of exponential change.

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Ready for the soft side of technology

Almost ubiquitous technology access and worldwide connections open channels that create opportunities that weren’t possible even a few years ago. These changes and capabilities create more promise for the future and for making unprecedented progress … but technology advances are creating change we may not be ready to handle.

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Lessons on coalition building from a business legend

I have followed John Hazen White, Jr., executive chairman of the board and owner of Taco Comfort Solutions, for several years across various media platforms. John’s approach to manufacturing integrates multiple facets of complicated situations into coherent pictures that inspire action.

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Moon landing anniversary recalls the forgotten speed of freedom

The upcoming 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing has reignited my childhood fascination with the mission and all the advances necessary to accomplish it.

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