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Critical time for Wisconsin

​We face a critical time in Wisconsin. Demographic change threatens healthy economic growth and we must act collectively to meet this new challenge.

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Don’t waste a crisis!

Once again, we’re learning the vital role our manufacturing base plays in our resilience and ability to maintain a strong economy in the face of a health emergency. Our current demands put tremendous stress on the system, exposing its strengths and weaknesses.

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Cyberattackers are literally coming after YOUR BUSINESS!

Cyberattacks are the most serious existential threat to Wisconsin’s small- and medium-sized manufacturers (SMMs). Most of our SMMs remain complacent and aren’t taking action to improve their resilience.

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Future workforce growth requires collaboration with everybody — EVERY. BODY.

Wisconsin faces a serious obstacle to our economic growth aspirations. An aging population and historically low fertility rates combine to create a huge shortage of the people necessary to keep our workforce strong.

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Leaving athletic leadership models on the field

We define our best leaders by the number of wins they deliver and their relentless focus on that goal. This model leaves little room for ethics and empathy as critical success factors.

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Buckley Brinkman is executive director and CEO of the Wisconsin Center for Manufacturing & Productivity and writes about the manufacturing sector in Greater Madison and throughout Wisconsin. He has a breadth of experience in helping companies drive growth, world-class competitiveness, and performance excellence, and has led efforts to save dozens of operations in the U.S. by finding new ways for them to compete. A Wisconsin native, Brinkman holds a business degree from the University of Wisconsin and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.



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