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Feb 13, 201811:55 AMMaking Madison

with Buckley Brinkman

Exponential change coming to Wisconsin

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People and their organizations will adapt or be left behind. Transformation will create flux, opening new advantages for those moving aggressively. Old competitive rules will become obsolete as new players redefine the game. The people and companies who make the new rules will see their wages and earnings rise, and their competitive position improve. Those that remain complacent about the future will wonder what hit them. Make sure you’re one of the winners in this new world.

Here’s one idea. Deloitte’s Michelle Rodriguez outlines five steps to winning in this environment. First, focus intensely on customer needs, because strategy starts in the marketplace. Next, balance short-term and long-term actions in a portfolio approach. You must address both in order to succeed. Third, take a strategic focus. It’s easy to get lost in daily issues and that can be fatal. Fourth, operate outside traditional boundaries by engaging partners and creating collaborations that strengthen market positions. Finally, adapt and persevere. Success rarely happens on the first try. Winners keep at it.

Winners will take advantage of the coming phase change. They will “zoom out” and decide how they and their business will look in 20 years, identifying what’s most critical for future success. Then, they will “zoom in” and decide on two to three things they can accomplish in the next three months to start their journey. The key through all of this is to think big, start small, and move fast!

It’s an exciting time for Wisconsin, and you can be one of the winners in this new environment. Are you ready?

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Feb 13, 2018 07:54 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

I don't see where this addresses 1)poor internet access a cross the state including rural Dane County 2) crumbling infrastructure and 3) the declining population- I mean anyone who moved here from Illinois quickly realizes that a portion of the Wisconsin population hates our guts so the solution is to advertise to get more of us here? 25 years ago folks moved here for a higher quality of life that was the main incentive but a lot of what out of state people valued is gone or under attack. So it is nice to talk theory but I don't see where the state will move forward especially with the state budget essentially frozen due to the Foxconn deal. There is a basic level of public services to make it work- large portion of the state doesn't have it and with population decline may lose what they have in the next 10 years (wait til Trump's snap and Medicare changes wipe out rural grocers and health care) Foxconn will succeed in Racine county - basically all you need is a connection to the Northwestern railroad to fill jobs but that is one or two counties at a far end of the state. And what those of us who dealt with the Epic growth (and that had a small fraction of the government support given to companies today) know is that it took a long while before that translated into the resources needed to improve basic services beyond what was needed to support Epic (and if you have driven on PD recently you know even those basics have not been covered). To develop the state needs resources and those have largely been squandered on one high cost high risk enterprise. Happy talk does not change that situation.

Feb 14, 2018 08:50 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

Happy talk does not change that situation, however fear and retaining a doom & gloom attitude does nothing to help Wisconsin either. Do I agree with all the concessions that were provided to Foxconn? Definitely not. But it is done and we better get behind this as a population and a business community or it could become a complete disaster. There better be close monitoring and measurements on regular intervals to make sure Foxconn and Haribo and other large corporations are holding up their end of the deal. Illinois investing huge dollars in Sears, Motorola and other large corporations only to see those efforts fail. We cannot afford to allow a similar scenario to occur in our state. We must now support it, nurture it and make the very most of the opportunity that is now coming here. It will cause difficulties for many and tremendous benefits for many, as is the case in almost any situation. Our job is to minimize the negatives and maximize the positives. All the potential new business that will come to Wisconsin businesses because of this economic development is where the true rewards will be realized. Change can be very hard but change is inevitable so this is the next chapter in Wisconsin industry and I certainly hope that the generation behind us will benefit from the decisions and actions being made today.

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