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Summer shorts

This week I had hoped to be on a beach. Not sure if that’s going to happen, but here are two beach-appropriate short reads. Please consume while wearing flip-flops.

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Bank proposal

Further stimulus of the economy is required. The 9.2% national unemployment rate, leaving 14 million able workers at home, demands it. But there is no appetite to revive the Obama administration’s fiscal stimulus, which apparently intended to give states block grants to keep doing what they were doing, or to provide nimble political ear-markers with the big cardboard checks suitable for press-release photos.

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The restaurant trade and the minimum wage

I see a lot of worry. My clients have seen once-in-a-lifetime declines in demand and have struggled to make payments that don’t go down when revenues do. That means office rent, lease payments, and bank debt. At a recent gathering of restaurant owners, one man took me aside and worried about another cost that he can reduce, but doesn’t want to.

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Karmin: an appreciation

I received a link to a YouTube video with an urgent message: listen to this. I found an attractive white couple playing under the name “Karmin,” starting a rap cover. He’s at the piano, she’s playing folk guitar.

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Seven questions for ... Kay Plantes

Kay Plantes is a consultant, writer, and speaker on a unique area of commercial strategy – the business model. Kay figures that setting up your business model is the most important decision a businessperson can make.

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