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The turnaround rule for printers

The graphic arts have experienced a long-term spate of hard times. This is not only because of cyclical economic recessions, which can cause declines in advertising and business activity in general. Certainly, the Great Recession of 2008-2010 qualified on that score. But we also are suffering from longer-term trends that affect the industry: a reduction in the use of paper, books, newspapers, and other publications; substitution of electronics for other business services, such as tickets, contracts, and warranties; and changes in the use of paper in packaging and labels.

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Tazy crazy

This is a story about my landlord. Well, not my landlord. My client’s. You see, I was appointed to help a company in receivership one autumn. Receivership is a procedure similar to Chapter 11 that makes company assets available to the secured lenders for sale or disposal in order to pay off the debt.

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Florida in winter

No, this is not a travel piece. It’s about Madison, Wis., and the Florida is a person, not a place. He is Richard Florida, economist of sorts (he calls himself “one of the world’s leading public intellectuals on economic competitiveness”). He is famous for his thesis that exciting cities make for prosperous cities precisely because excitement is what people want in their workplace and entrepreneurs want for their start-ups.

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How YOU doin’?

I used to see Goldman Sachs alumni everywhere. It was weird – as if they were running things. But today I see a different influence. Now New Jersey and its crazy citizens are everywhere.

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It’s time for competitive marketing

I am getting the feeling that economic conditions are improving. One client is on allocation on manufactured goods – the demand is outstripping supply. Another is about to hire five people, in sales and accounting.

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