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Simson finds way to eliminate government debt. Is jailed.

I bet you have Googled your own name. Perhaps it is to see if your seventh runner-up fourth-grade high-jump performance is memorialized. Maybe you want to see if you have outstanding parking tickets, or maybe a long lost relative is seeking your address so that you can come into your fortune.

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The CFO checklist

I have been hearing about continued signs of economic improvement. Clients are reporting stable, even improving orders. But a more subtle, but important, issue is staffing. Recently, I heard from Dorothy Ramsey, a Milwaukee-based CFO of a specialized retailer. She is also a director and career services chair of the local chapter of Financial Executives International, the premier association for CFOs. “Staffing demand is up at all levels, especially for the staff accounting jobs and first-line managers,” she says.

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Restructuring, government, and respect

If there is one cardinal rule of restructuring, it is that the person in charge must respect all the constituents. It is a sure sign of an amateur to blame the employees for the changes that must take place. I know this from my own, early missteps. It only takes one disparaging remark about an employee for the entire restructuring effort to be maligned as a petty and personal vendetta.

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Private equity, probity, and politics

I am rushing to catch a flight, so this will be quick. But I cannot earn one more frequent flier mile without speaking on private equity, which has been treated in the press as either a sign of the devil or the highest expression of American free enterprise.

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The meatball and meaning

One of the best commercials I have ever seen was filmed in Wisconsin, and is now being shown nationwide. To me, it perfectly captures this moment in our country. What is great is that, while the message is not claiming great wisdom, it delivers it in great clumps.

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