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The economy in three clients

I have been gratified to receive a number of inquiries. “Where’s your blog?” The truth is that I received an offer to write a business article for a print magazine, which would have caused a conflict. Then the offer … went nowhere. I have made an executive decision. To heck with quality journalism. I’m gonna keep writing for you guys. So I thought we could begin the summer with a review of the mixed economic picture.

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No talk, all action: Madison Startup Weekend gives energy to new ideas

Have you ever read about start ups in a business magazine – I am thinking of Wired or Red Herring – and wondered where the entrepreneurs got their ideas? Social media, payment systems, and microfinance are all new business types that appeared to me, at least, to lie along an unlikely intersection of technology and specialized knowledge. Where, I wondered, do the experts in bleeding-edge technology marry with the needs of real-world ideas? And how do they come up with solutions that are so audacious?

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In the company of others: Office work still has a valuable role

You know the scene: the passionate devotees waiting for a sign of white smoke, the speculation over exactly how much reform the sclerotic organization can withstand, the media frenzy giving the telling details of the elected leader’s life, the joy and anticipation for great things to come.

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The Soldatos Imperative

The other day I met my son Will for a burger in Madison. Where to go but the Nitty Gritty, the bar and grill famous for its free birthday drinks (and for its longtime owner and chief greeter, Marsh Shapiro, who died late last year)? I arrived first, ordered a diet drink, and found that Will was still a few minutes away. So I hatched a plan that depended on a quick consultation with a conspirator.

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Children don’t always benefit from disability payments

About a month ago, Nick Kristof of The New York Times created a stir when he called out parents who pull $698 a month for their children’s mental disability. Actually, he called them out for cheating. According to Kristof, the parents are pulling their children out of literacy programs because if the child begins to succeed in school, the Social Security Disability Income check will not be in the mail. The parents are making a choice between literacy and the monthly check, choosing the check.

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