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Interim executives are in!

When you set yourself up in the holy orders of the advice-giving business, there are usually three types of engagements.

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Why project management is a key middle-market tool

To review, project management involves a few formal elements: a charter — what we are about to do; a team, given explicit roles, responsibilities, and authorities; a timeline — often in the form of a Gantt chart, showing what will be done by when; and a weekly meeting to go over the progress — and more importantly, the issues that the project is raising.

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On Wisconsin education: why politics and restructuring are bad bedfellows

Wisconsin has always seemed to have an influence in this big wide world larger than its population of 5.7 million would suggest. Part of that influence arises from the audacious mission of the University of Wisconsin, which includes the directive “to serve and stimulate society.”

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What ‘Undercover Boss’ gets wrong

Reality TV and business don’t seem to be a good fit. The staged nature of the interactions — I am thinking of CNBC’s The Profit — is no more appealing than when non-business contestants are naked and on a beach.

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What CNBC’s ‘The Profit’ gets wrong

A few years ago I received a call from a television producer who wanted to verify that I was, indeed, a well-known turnaround consultant. This took me back because “well known” was not necessarily in my marketing vocabulary. But I figured if someone from TV wanted to talk to me, I could at least become “less obscure.”

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