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Sales and Power: Keeping the sales "force" where it belongs.

My wife has a book on her office shelf called Sex and Power. Big disappointment. No sex in it. On sales, I do have some hot advice — the best advice. And that is: Sell. Sell. Sell. Not your business; your product. I am always surprised at the number of very sophisticated executives who think that they are managing an enterprise without, in fact, leading its most important function.

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Succession Planning at Three

I was recently in a client's office, and remarked on the photo of his young family. "My boy is three," the client remarked. "The dream is for him to take over this business." This gave me pause. I work with a lot of family-run businesses, and have seen the best and the worst of succession issues.

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Consulting Career Change

Dane County's unemployment rate was a remarkable 5.5% in November — remarkable when compared to the nation's 10% and Wisconsin's 7.8%. But the county does not live in a vacuum. Many businesses are down in volume and some are struggling. What if you are a business person (or for that matter, a technical or non-business person) looking for work and having a hard time? Maybe the answer is to consult, either as a short term solution or as a career change. It is not easy, but I would be happy to help anyone who is interested. Here's a first look at what you'll have to decide, do, and practice.

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Surveillance: An Appreciation

If you have Sirius XM radio and have surfed the talk radio channels, you've come across Bloomberg Surveillance and Bloomberg on the Economy, two long-format talk shows hosted by Tom Keene, newish offshoots of the galloping Bloomberg Media empire. Michael Bloomberg — now known as Mayor Bloomberg, as in New York — started the company in the 1980s to give real time data to Wall Street, developing his own hardware and software to do so.

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I can explain Tiger Woods' behavior in business terms. Or, more properly stated, in behavioral economic terms. Call it Freakynomics, the study of Homo Sapiens Super Res, or Man Away on Business. This explains why so many girls seem to be, excuse the expression, coming out of the Woods. It is not just because Tiger has what we call an admirable zest for living. It is because he travels a lot.

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