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The Hole of Wit

Let's talk about the state of our national dialogue, which has become increasingly strident, with name-calling, character assaults and thoughtless throw-offs the standard of the day. It is tiresome stuff. In bars perhaps this can be expected, but in our media (including blogs) we need to strive for a higher standard.

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The Five Rules of Workout

Because last year's recession caused such a sudden depression in demand, some middle-market businesses have seen revenue declines of as much as 30-35%. Many of these businesses are still losing money and are close to exhausting their financial reserves. These companies' banks are receiving the end-of-year financial reports and deciding whether the results meet contractual performance targets known as covenants.

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Actors' Advice

I picked up a free newspaper in a coffee shop once, and found the best career advice ever. It followed an article on how hard it was to find acting gigs. The article consisted of a simple sidebar with five simple questions. It went like this ...

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My iPad App

How fitting that President Barack Obama and Apple CEO Steve Jobs both announced their new initiatives on the same day: January 27, 2010. Coincidentally, this was the day that I announced my new, big, bad application for the iPad.

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The Inflation 5cast 2der

Years ago, the musician and comedian Victor Borge gave a monologue on inflation. He said, "Anything that has to do with money goes up ... except the language. See, we have hidden numbers in the words like 'wonderful,' 'before,' 'create,' 'tenderly.' All these numbers can be inflated and meet the economy, you know, by rising to the occasion. I suggest we add one to each of these numbers to be prepared. For example 'wonderful' would be 'two-derful.'" In that vein ...

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