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What Year Is This?

In 1939, my grandfather's house was repossessed. Not 1929, the year that the Wall Street crash signaled the beginning of the depression. 1939 – after nearly 10 years of faithful payments on the family's sole investment.

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Disparate Housewives

I recently met the owner of a specialty retail chain who had a good-but-not great revenue profile. We discussed his marketing plan and his staff. I sensed a problem. He did not have either. He thought he was the best salesman for his business, which was probably true. However, he did not spend enough time promoting, which left him in the "anemic category" in growth.

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'Ta Barato Too

In the 1950s, Venezuela emerged from a benign dictatorship and became a representative republic. At the same time, the county's oil reserves, which are primarily in heavy (read muddy and hard to refine) crude became salable as refining technologies developed. This was seen as a boon.

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The Burden

In our seemingly universal concern that the U.S. government's debt is too high, there is a seemingly universal phrase that is spoken to underscore the danger. Come on — we've all heard it: "This is a crushing debt that will burden our children and grandchildren...." Just for the heck of it, I googled the phrase "burden our children and grandchildren." Guess how many hits I got? How about 8.9 million? Simplify the search with just the words "burden" and "children" and you get 28 million. That is one big burden.

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Southeast Express

The cost of a gallon of gas averages $3 nationwide. This is a fact that I thought would have all the concerned commuters brushing off their pitchforks, getting ready for a little torchlight 10K. But no. Here in Wisconsin, we are doing the opposite: fighting a regional innovation that might save energy and jobs as gasoline starts on a new leg upwards.

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