Mad @ Mgmt

with Walter Simson

August 2013


The speech all new CEOs should give

I once took one of those business simulation courses. In it, we were given a computer terminal, an inbox, and a walkie-talkie. Our simulated company, Acme Widget, was said to be in trouble, and the point of the exercise was to evaluate our crisis management skills. There was a team of psychologists who were looking for leadership and other soft skills that might help us do well during a pressure-filled day.

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Studying the humanities for fun and profit!

The unemployment statistics are daunting: For those with high school degrees only, the unemployment rate is 7.5%. For those with college degrees, it is 3.8%. Except for graduates with B.A. degrees in the humanities. For them, there is basically no hope. At least, that is what the newspapers would have you believe. Articles abound telling of the sorry parents who are paying overinflated tuitions on the expectation that their young progeny will attend eight lecture courses a year.

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