Live Well, Work Well

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In business and life, resolve to live like you're dying

Did you create any New Year’s resolutions? For yourself? For your company? I’d like to invite you to go deeper than you usually go, and do things differently this year. I want you to make your plan as if you are dying.

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The spiritual workplace: It’s about connection

How can you blend spirituality and work, especially at a secular workplace? It’s not only easy but also necessary if you want your employees and your business to thrive.

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The power of expressing gratitude at work

Gratitude improves emotional well-being, physical health, and relationships. Don’t believe me? Do a few things to test it for yourself right now, and then we’ll talk about how to do this at work with your colleagues.

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Worksite wellness – Evolving back to wholeness

Worksite wellness is not just a program that employees participate in; it’s a broader company value and strategy for caring for your employees. Truth be told, however, the worksite wellness field has been going through growing pains lately.

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What is wellness?

Have you seen the word wellness? Likely, yes. It’s on everything these days, from fitness centers to supplement stores to pet food! But what does it mean?

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Debra Lafler is a Madison-based wellness consultant, coach, and speaker with over 20 years of experience in the field. She currently works as the employee wellness and employee assistance program manager for the Wisconsin State Department of Health Services, and as an adjunct instructor for the University of Wisconsin’s Health and Wellness Management program. She also is available privately to hire as a business consultant, personal coach, or motivational speaker. Debra has a doctorate degree in Divinity & Spiritual Studies from Emerson Theological Institute; a master’s degree in Health & Behavior Studies specializing in Health Education from Columbia University; a bachelor’s degree in Communication, with certificates in Wellness and Coaching from The University of Wisconsin—Parkside; and certificates in Worksite Wellness, Holistic Stress Management, Grief Support, and Yoga. She can be reached at or



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