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The spiritual workplace 2.0

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post called “The spiritual workplace: It’s about connection.” I’ve gotten some replies asking if I could expand on the topic, and so for this post, I will review and then provide a continuation of the concepts about fostering the human spirit and a spiritual workplace.

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How not to do vulnerability at work

In 2010, the world was captured with intrigue by Brené Brown’s TED Talk, “The power of vulnerability,” where she shared her research on shame.

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Help employees with alcohol, vaping, and opioid use

As part of your employee wellness initiatives, be sure to give attention to the topic of substance use, for both adults and teenagers. I know it’s not something we normally openly talk about at work, but we should.

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Transform ‘cake culture’ with love and nutrition

Workplaces are notorious for having cake in break rooms. Maybe it’s doughnuts or cookies or candy, but the point is that dessert is everywhere at work.

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Understanding eating disorders at the workplace

Have you heard about eating disorders at work? Most likely you haven’t. Most employers don’t have it on their radar as something to educate about or help their employees with. But it is an important topic that we should be talking about.

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Debra Lafler is a Madison-based wellness consultant, coach, and speaker with over 20 years of experience in the field. She currently works as the employee wellness and employee assistance program manager for the Wisconsin State Department of Health Services, and as an adjunct instructor for the University of Wisconsin’s Health and Wellness Management program. She also is available privately to hire as a business consultant, personal coach, or motivational speaker. Debra has a doctorate degree in Divinity & Spiritual Studies from Emerson Theological Institute; a master’s degree in Health & Behavior Studies specializing in Health Education from Columbia University; a bachelor’s degree in Communication, with certificates in Wellness and Coaching from The University of Wisconsin—Parkside; and certificates in Worksite Wellness, Holistic Stress Management, Grief Support, and Yoga. She can be reached at or



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