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Maintaining privacy and cybersecurity vigilance during the coronavirus outbreak

Cybersecurity is as much a behavioral challenge as it as a technological one. That’s precisely why the recent coronavirus outbreak, or COVID-19, is so potentially harmful to a company’s cybersecurity efforts.

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Looking for a New Year’s cyber resolution? Try perpetual vigilance

Most people enjoy improvements and innovations when it comes to consumer electronics, but the unfortunate truth is that cybercriminals are innovating and improving their techniques and tactics, as well.

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Balancing data security and data commercialization

Data breaches and identity theft are now everyday events, but that state of affairs doesn’t make them any less dangerous, distasteful, and annoying. However, most people with an online footprint understand that at some point in their lives they are going to be the victim of an internet crime — that is, if they have been fortunate enough to avoid it to this point.

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What you need to know about the legal implications of data scraping

Data scraping is a technical means for gathering and copying targeted data from a website or other database.

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As manufacturing moves into cyberspace, so do security threats

One of the things that make cybersecurity seem so daunting is the difficulty in understanding the scale of the threat involved. Every day there is a new media report of a major commercial enterprise being victimized by cyber-criminals.

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