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The traits of success

What makes a successful businessperson? Many people have studied this question. Successful people have been surveyed. The question has been asked thousands of times over the course of years. As you review the research, the answer — in many cases — boils down to three areas: knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

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Put distractions on hold

My guess is that many of you have heard of the recent tragedy of a man who fell to his death off the scenic San Diego Sunset Cliffs while he was engaged with his phone. His mother said he had been taking pictures. If you do a search, you will find many other incidents of the negative results of being 100% engaged with a phone versus paying attention to the task at hand.

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A holiday message

Black Friday & Cyber Monday, followed by just about every Christmas and holiday special you can imagine on TV. “It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” or so goes the song. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in shopping, attending parties, and taking care of holiday business that we forget about the people that make this great world go ’round.

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Grow or die

Many years ago when I was in the real estate side of the restaurant business, I was attending the National Restaurant Association Show at McCormick Place in Chicago. This is an annual event that is a must stop for learning the current state of affairs in the business, as well discovering what new, cutting edge products and services were available. The show continues to be held in May of every year at the same location.

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Getting out of a sales slump: The don’ts and dos

Many years ago, I found myself in a sales slump. I was down so far I really didn’t even know where up was. If you have been selling for a good length of time, chances are that you may have found yourself in the same situation at some point in your career. The incident that brought me out of the hole was a congratulatory note from my boss highlighting a couple of sales that I didn’t even think were significant. I still have the handwritten note. In very big letters he said, “WAY TO GO TIGER!!!,” and followed it up by referencing those couple small successes.

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