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How to network and get results

According to Wikipedia, business networking is “a socioeconomic business activity by which businesspeople and entrepreneurs meet to form business relationships and to recognize, create or act upon business opportunities.” It is all about people and opportunities, meaning it is not about going to a networking event with your colleagues and visiting with the same people you work with every day. Rather, it is about solidifying existing connections and making new ones, as well.

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You can't lead if you don't listen

I recently finished up a leadership training program with a client company that focused on building current and future leaders. At the final session of the several we had, the discussion centered on what the participants felt was their single biggest takeaway. It was almost unanimous — BEING A BETTER LISTENER!

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When it comes to recession mentality, don’t always listen to the voices in your head

This is an old story with a powerful message.

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Want to make better business connections? Remember names

I recently did a weekend retreat for a professional services firm. Prior to the event there was a considerable amount of pre-work with the organizers to make sure that we hit the targets that needed to be addressed. In addition, I made the extra effort to go on their website and look at the bios and pictures of those who would be in attendance. By the time of the event, I knew each person’s name and a little bit about him or her. Needless to say, the ability to connect on a personal level with each individual in attendance got us off and running in a very positive way.

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The dangers of ‘business as usual’ (Don’t be a monkey!)

The most recent edition of the Harvard Business Review dedicated a great deal of space to “innovation.” It is an area that is more critical than ever to the success of a growing business in today’s rapidly changing, extremely competitive environment.

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