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Dealing with Mistakes: Coaching with the "5 R Approach"

When results to be achieved are delegated by a leader and agreed upon by a team member, clear accountability on the part of the team member should be established. At the same time, the team member must have the appropriate authority to take the action steps needed to achieve the results. This is the well-known idea of "empowerment." However, in every decision, large or small, some risk is involved and mistakes in judgment are bound to occur. In a positive work environment, there must be a reasonable allowable margin for mistakes in judgment. If there is not such latitude, the team member might conclude that the necessary authority has not been granted to achieve the agreed upon results.

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Sincere, Positive Recognition - Pass it On!

In conversations with business owners, CEOs and managers in organizations both large and small, one of their top five "common headaches" usually relates to finding, keeping, nurturing and retaining qualified and self-motivated people. With that headache facing them, it is also interesting how many of these same leaders do not regard targeted praise and recognition as a critical coaching tool.

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Time Management: Technique or Attitude?

Time management has been and always will be an oxymoron. We have all there is, yet none of us ever seem to have enough. At best we can learn to work with the never-ending passage of minutes and hours. No matter how often we say there are "never enough hours in a day," there will continue to be 24 just like yesterday, today and tomorrow. When business groups are asked if they have been to a time management seminar, at least 50% raise their hands. However, when these same people are asked if they are in control of their time, very few say "yes." So what can one do? Let's look at four techniques, and then discuss attitude.

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You Just Can't Buy a Listening Aid: You Actually Have to Listen

In last month's blog, we talked about the many ways we communicate. This month we tackle the other half of the communication process — listening.

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Communications: It's Not Just the Words We Use

In his book, The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking, Dale Carnegie talks about how we are all judged as communicators. He mentions four areas: what we say, how we say it, how we look, and how we treat others (what we do). The point he makes again and again is that the actual words are often but a minor part of the flow of ideas.

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