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Responding (not reacting) to objections (part 1)

One of the more popular downloads on our Dale Carnegie Training website is a piece on handling and overcoming objections. This is really no surprise in today’s competitive and tough sales environment. Yes, it is more challenging out there than it was a few years ago. And that sad truth applies to many, many market segments.

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The four steps to professional and personal self-development

Recently I was golfing with a friend who is very good. As I was struggling to break 100, he commented more than once that he felt I had "a solid swing, but had quite a slice." What he was pointing out was not a surprise to me. I do not play as often as I once did and, just as importantly, really do not have the desire to practice, take lessons, or play on a regular basis. Golf for me is about being with friends, getting some exercise, and having a good time. In fact, if my golf game has any hope of changing for the better, the first step I would have to make is to change my attitude about improving.

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Idiot Hill: A place where salespeople go to be comfortable

Newness is a relative term when it comes to sales methods; many salespeople stop doing the things that work for them so they can make their life easier. In good times, experienced salespeople get on the hill by not showing up early, like they used to; not calling old customers with new ideas, like they used to; not targeting high-potential markets (never did this enough – but now do it less); not researching what their targets need (never did this enough); and not going after targets with offers that match their needs. They stay on the hill by waiting for the old marketing tools and messages to work from the home office instead of from their own efforts.

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Presentation planning basics

With the widespread use of PowerPoint and other software programs today, one would think that the quality of presenting ideas in business meetings and other professional forums would be at an all-time high. If you thought that, my guess is that you have not been on the receiving end of many presentations recently. Believe it or not, ideas can be just as boring or interesting whether presented through a software program, overheads, flipcharts, or without any tools at all.

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Increase profitability, not costs

Today's business world demands that we answer tough questions about our businesses, implement the most practical answers through an engaged team, monitor and reward progress, and keep building a team to get us where we need to go. If there is one area that we could all focus on that would almost guarantee repeat sales and more profits, it's adding more value for our high-value customers.

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