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Be a new leader, not an old doer

The trials of being a new supervisor are many. Some new leaders have all their former colleagues now reporting to them. They have received little, if any, training to be a leader; while they are experts and know the specific job inside out, they have no idea of what it takes to get others to perform at their own high level. And they love doing “it,” but that love diminishes when trying to get others to do the same.

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How enthusiasm can work for you

Dale Carnegie recognized that an enthusiastic attitude is fundamental to success, happiness, and personal growth. “Today is life, make the most of today. Let the winds of enthusiasm sweep through you,” he wrote.

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Ugh! Performance review time

A recent HR Magazine article presented some interesting statistics from the Corporate Executive Board (CEB) that speak to the general satisfaction level of the performance review process by employees, managers, and HR professionals.

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8 entrepreneurial skills every businessperson should develop

Whether you’re a business owner, a future business owner, or an employee, you need to constantly develop your entrepreneurial skills in order to succeed. I mean consistently succeed. For some reason, we tend to stop developing many of the skills that got us where we are. Our motives change, we get satisfied, or we just get lazy. These skills apply to anyone, in both large and small companies, but successful entrepreneurs tend to exhibit more of these all the time.

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Leaders, get to know your people!

It never ceases to amaze me when people in leadership roles tell me how unimportant it is to get to know their team members on a personal level. The usual comment is something like, “This is work, they’re getting paid to do a job — why should I care about their personal lives?” To answer this question, I will start with an example and then outline an effective way to connect with each person on your team, one by one.

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