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Getting out of a sales slump: The don’ts and dos

Many years ago, I found myself in a sales slump. I was down so far I really didn’t even know where up was. If you have been selling for a good length of time, chances are that you may have found yourself in the same situation at some point in your career. The incident that brought me out of the hole was a congratulatory note from my boss highlighting a couple of sales that I didn’t even think were significant. I still have the handwritten note. In very big letters he said, “WAY TO GO TIGER!!!,” and followed it up by referencing those couple small successes.

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Just talk

One of the situations I have observed in our training programs, especially in the last few years, is the inability or reluctance of some younger folks to have a real, live discussion. This observation comes from listening to hundreds of reports of real-world experiences in the realm of the workplace.

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Make superior customer service your routine

Last week, after finishing up my shopping, the last point of contact in the store was with the bagger. After she finished up, she sent me on my way with, “Have a nice day.” Unfortunately, she said this with a tone like, “Your dog died.” Not very friendly and certainly not very focused on the customer. I am sure that this place has a manual that tells their baggers to say the phrase. That same manual might even suggest that it be said with a positive attitude. However, what happened is an indicator of how many customer service people go through the paces and really do not have a customer-focused attitude.

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Be a new leader, not an old doer

The trials of being a new supervisor are many. Some new leaders have all their former colleagues now reporting to them. They have received little, if any, training to be a leader; while they are experts and know the specific job inside out, they have no idea of what it takes to get others to perform at their own high level. And they love doing “it,” but that love diminishes when trying to get others to do the same.

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How enthusiasm can work for you

Dale Carnegie recognized that an enthusiastic attitude is fundamental to success, happiness, and personal growth. “Today is life, make the most of today. Let the winds of enthusiasm sweep through you,” he wrote.

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